Specialist Eye Care

Focus Medical Eye Centre like to go that extra mile for our patients. With our highly qualified team we are able to offer specialist eye care clinics. With services that are often only provided within hospital departments. We believe by offering choice to our patients they can access the very best care quickly, easily and most importantly when they want to.

Please see the information about our Eye Care Plans

Our Specialist eye care services include:

Dry Eye Clinic

The exact prevalence of dry eye is unknown due to the difficulty defining the disease and the lack of a single diagnostic test. However recent studies show that 15% of patients report dry eye symptoms and up to 30% of over 50 year old’s report symptoms. This prevalence is expected to increase as the population in developed countries continues to rise. At Focus Medical Eye Centre, as part of our specialist eye care, we offer a complete dry eye management plan which is tailored to individual needs.

We take detailed history and symptoms, use specific tests to detect dry eye and then set to work devising a bespoke treatment plan. Offering follow up appointments to track progress. We also offer up to date advice and supply the latest dry eye treatments.

Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

This is a private service to assess and treat recent onset problems. To access this service you can pay as you go or join our careplan.

The following conditions can be seen under MECS:

  • Red eye or eyelids – pain or no pain
  • Dry Eye, or gritty and uncomfortable eyes
  • Worsening Dry Eye
  • Eyelid problems
  • Irritation and inflammation of the eye
  • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
  • Recently occurring flashes or floaters
  • Ingrowing eyelashes
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision
  • Foreign body or contact lens removal from the eye
  • Ocular pain
  • Visual field defect or patient reporting sudden onset field defects
  • Sudden blurry vision
  • Sudden double vision


Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you have symptoms of Glaucoma.


Find out all about what to expect if your have cataracts.

Macula Degeneration

Around one in 10 people aged 65 or over show some signs of AMD (Age related macula degeneration). Please contact us as soon as you can, if you think you have symptoms of this.

Low Vision Service

Our fully qualified team can conduct a thorough low vision assessment. Offering bespoke products and advice to individual needs. We carry a large selection of low vision aids, which can help with distance vision as well as near vision.  Supplying the latest technologies to help improve sight which cannot be found in many hospital settings. Such as eccentric fixating spectacle mounted telescopes.

We also stock various hand and stand magnifiers with and without internal illumination. Low vision assessment is useful for any individual with slightly reduced vision due to eye disease or trauma.

School Vision

A school vision assessment is designed to explore why a child is having difficulties at school. It specifically looks at reading difficulties and dyslexia. Allowing practitioners to dramatically alter learning outcomes for those affected. Muscle balance, eye dominancy, tracking, reading speed and colour preferences are all assessed. As well as the need for spectacles to aid clear focus when reading.


Please contact our team for more details.

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