Why You Need a Second (Or Third) Pair of Glasses

Having 2 pairs of glasses might seem excessive or an unnecessary expense. However, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you are in dire need of a second pair of glasses, you will know exactly how valuable they truly are.

Glasses are one of those items that we use on an extremely regular basis; for some, every minute of their waking life. It’s unfortunate to think about but they can quite easily be misplaced or damaged. If you’re someone who relies upon glasses for reading, driving or just everyday life then you’re always just one mistake away from a big problem. We like to see the second pair of glasses as an insurance policy if anything goes wrong.

Plus don’t forget some people need different strength lenses for different types of vision! Close or computer work, plus perhaps longer vision such as driving, playing sport and even some for very close up and really magnified work!

Accidents Happen

Even for the most careful and cautious of people, accidents are a part of life. Being an opticians we’ve heard it all, when arranging replacements or repairing lenses. We know, first-hand, how easy it is for glasses to be dropped, sat on or damaged in many other incidences. A cracked lens or a bent frame might take several days to get repaired.

Before you can even start the process of getting your glasses repaired you often have to book an appointment, and we all know how difficult that can be at times! That means struggling through a week or so of wearing uncomfortable glasses and not being able to see properly.

Easy to Misplace

As we mentioned, even the most attentive of people still lose items and glasses are one of the most common things to lose. Despite most of the time them being found on top of your head, on occasion! You can easily be driven crazy rummaging through bags and turning your house upside down in search of your precious glasses.

Being an item that you are constantly taking on and off losing them comes with the territory. How many times do you wander around the house trying to find where you put your specs! A second pair of glasses will not only help you cope until they turn up but they’ll also assist you in finding the missing pair. Believe us, there’s nothing worse than looking for something when your vision is impaired.

Second Pair of Glasses

They make vision more comfortable

Owning multiple pairs of glasses, each with their own use, can make you life much more comfortable. For example, if you spend hours a day sitting in front of a screen then you might want to invest in a pair of blue light lenses. Some experts have suggested that too much exposure to blue light, emitted from digital screens, can damage the light-sensitive cells in the retina. So, having a layer of protection could be beneficial.

More information about blue light and how it affects your eyes.

Alternatively, if you play a sport or do any other activities that could put your glasses at risk then it’s a good idea to own a second pair; who knows when the worst is going to happen. We would advise against using your main glasses whilst partaking in these sorts of activities and instead opting for a stronger, more durable pair, maybe with a head attachment so they don’t fly off at an inopportune moment! Not only are these going to be less likely to break, but they’re also an important safety precaution you can take in terms of ensuring your eye safety and protection.

To Make a Fashion Statement

One of the more fun reasons to have a second pair is to make a fashion statement. People will often have multiple pairs of glasses for different looks or situations. Most people have a daily “go to” pair for everyday activities. It’s also common for people to have a more sophisticated pair, saved for more special occasions such as weddings or business meetings. What’s less common but still seen are statement pieces. A pair of bold glasses in a funky pattern or shape can cause a huge boost in confidence.

50% off Lenses on a Second Pair of Glasses

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Second Pair of Glasses

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