Top Tips on Cleaning Glasses and Sunglasses

If you’re a seasoned glasses wearer, you may be well aware of the “dos and don’ts” of cleaning your glasses or sunglasses. Whilst you might think it’s fairly simple to keep your glasses clean, it is important that you make sure you clean them with considerable care and attention to keep your glasses in pristine condition.

Not cleaning your glasses in the proper way and using unsuitable cloths and substances could cause permanent damage to your lenses.

Throughout the day your glasses will gradually get covered in small particles of grit, dirt, and saliva. Grease builds up as well, due to heat from your skin and also perspiration. Especially at the moment, with masks being worn.

So, ideally you should be cleaning your glasses once a day to keep your glasses looking great.

cleaning glasses

What cloth is best to use to clean glasses?

When you buy a pair of glasses, you should get a case with a glasses cleaning cloth inside. This is the best cloth to use when it comes to cleaning your glasses. This should be washed occasionally, as after a while, small particles of dirt may get caught in the fibres and scratch the lenses.

If you don’t have your glasses cleaning cloth at hand, you should use a microfibre cloth.

A definite no-no is to use the bottom of your shirt or jumper to clean your glasses. Clothing is often full of tiny fibres and bits of grit that will scratch the lenses. You should also avoid using any kind of kitchen towels, tissues or toilet paper; these are full of lint which can easily scratch the coatings off your glasses.

What detergents can I use for cleaning glasses?

You should avoid using dishwashing soap to clean your glasses, as this may break down the coating on the lenses. Instead, you should try and only use specific glasses cleaner, or alternatively, if you are really desperate, a neutral hand soap. We stock a great glass cleaner called Glasklar at our surgery in Hailsham.

Make sure you clean the nose pads and the frames too, as these can get covered in oil and hair grease.


We offer a complimentary glasses cleaner called Glasklar. So when a patient purchases spectacles from us they receive a little bottle of complimentary lens cleaner which they can return and refill whenever they want to as a thank you for using our service.

This is in essence a loyalty reward scheme and also is a great product to keep your lenses clean. The great thing is patients never have to buy more lens cleaner as long as they do not lose their bottle! We can also carry out mini services of spectacles when they come in and tighten screws and reshape frames which is also done free of charge for patients who have bought spectacles from us.


Are you regularly finding scratches on your glasses?

If your glasses regularly get scratches on them from daily use, you might want to consider getting new glasses with a Crizal Lens Coating. This coating can help protect your lenses from scratches, smudges, dust, and water. These lenses also help to protect your eyes from UV and harmful Blue-Violet light. This would be particularly useful if your glasses see some heavy use and are prone to getting scratched.

If you’d like to find out more about the Crizal Lens Coating, click here. If you have any more questions about how we can help you with a shiny new pair of glasses, then please get in touch with us today.

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