The Benefits of Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are uniquely designed to make sure that your eyes are protected from intense light. It doesn’t matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the benefits of Transition Lenses are that they¬† “transition” quickly and will help protect your eyes from harmful UV light. Compared to ordinary lenses, lenses such as Essilor Transitions XTRActive Lenses or Essilor Transitions Signature Gen 8 Lenses have plenty of added benefits to make sure your eyes stay protected.

Transition Lenses

How do They Work?

Transition lenses work with photochromic dyes that enable the lens to darken when they are exposed to light. The more intense the UV rays are, the darker the lenses become.

Therefore, if you move from a dark area to a light area, the lenses will sense this kind of change and adapt the tint of the lenses accordingly. In every light condition, they will aide more comfortable vision and ensure your eyes are always protected.

The Benefits of Transition Lenses

The largest benefit of Transitions lenses is that they protect your eyes from harsh light conditions and reduce any glare. Your eyes will therefore not become strained as much, also helping to prevent eye fatigue.

There are other added benefits that may not be so obvious. For example, as these lenses block out 100% of UV rays; they also help to protect you against blue light from modern artificial lighting. Plus you will only need one pair;¬† you won’t need any additional pairs of sunglasses to take with you everywhere.

Transition Lenses


Transition lenses such as the Transitions XTRActive Lenses are also available in different coloured lenses. You can choose from colours such as brown, graphite green and grey.

Want to find out more about Transition Lenses?

If you are interested and would like to find out more about transition lenses, then please get in touch and we can help you. With many styles and colours for both men and women, you will definitely find a pair that you love.

We look forward to showing you the ranges that are available, including the Essilor Road Pilot night time lenses, with Crizal Drive coating.

Transition Lenses

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