The Benefits of BiFocal and Varifocal Lenses

You may have heard people talking about bifocal and varifocal lenses, and not really understood what they are. Or even fully understood the benefits of having them. But for many people, these types of lenses have a number of different advantages that can help benefit you in your everyday life. That’s why we thought we’d give you a quick guide on what bifocal and varifocal lenses are. As well as the benefits of them over ordinary prescription lenses.

What are BiFocal and VariFocal Lenses?

Both of these lenses aim to reduce the number of glasses you might need during the day. If you struggle with distance as well as close-up vision, having Bifocals would combine the two prescriptions into one lens. The lens itself is then broken up into two sections, with a prescription lens for each. What this means is you can use the same glasses for near vision, for doing things like reading a magazine and then have an intermediate lens combined, that means you can see things a bit further away.

The Benefits of BiFocal and Varifocal Lenses

As you might expect, if Bifocal lenses combine two lens prescriptions; Varifocals (used to perhaps be called Trifocal lenses) combine a number of prescriptions into one lens. They are a really superior lens; Varifocals have superseded trifocals because the three zones can be blended seamlessly, offering as close to natural vision and focus as possible. Although trifocals can still have their place for certain patients.

The Benefits of Bifocal and Varifocal Lenses

These lenses become much more useful as you get older. You might find that you’re struggling to read things that are close-up such as your phone screen. Bifocal lenses are a great way of correcting your vision so that you can wear the same glasses throughout the day.

If you struggle with more than one distance of vision, then Varifocals will be a better option for you. By combining all of your prescriptions, you won’t need more than one pair for your daily life.

Bifocals are used by many people and we often recommend these lenses to patients who find that their vision is deteriorating for distance sight. And they are not like they used to be with an obvious line across the different prescription – they are now combined to achieve a seamless look.

We recommend that you book an opticians appointment and we can help discuss whether bifocals are right for you.

Want to Book an Appointment to Discuss Your Lenses?

If you’d like to talk about upgrading your lenses to Bifocals or indeed Varifocals, then please book an appointment with us at Focus Medical Eye Centre. Based in Hailsham, we have patients from Herstmonceux, Horam, Polegate, Bexhill, and Pevensey. If you’d like to book an appointment, please call us on 01323 442062 or download our Mysight booking app.

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