Shining a Light on Nighttime Driving

Driving at night can be a challenging task on its own due to reduced visibility, but it becomes even more difficult when one wears glasses.

Those who rely on corrective eyewear often face several issues during nighttime driving.

Firstly, glare from headlights and streetlights can be intensified when they hit the lenses of glasses, causing discomfort and temporarily blinding the driver. Additionally, glasses may accumulate smudges, reflections, or streaks over time, further obstructing one’s vision in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the constant adjustment between looking through the glasses for clear vision and above them to see distant road signs or objects can be distracting and potentially hazardous. Nighttime driving demands increased attention and concentration, and the added challenges posed by glasses can make it an even more daunting experience. Fortunately, we have a range of lenses that can help with these issues, keeping you safer on the road as the days begin to get darker earlier.

Night Time Driving Glasses


Essilor Varilux Road Pilot

Essilor’s Varilux Road Pilot lenses are among the most advanced spectacle lenses you can get your hands on right now. Whether you prefer single vision or varifocal, these lenses are purpose-built to optimise your vision while you’re behind the wheel. These lenses allow for a wider peripheral vision that grants more natural eye movements when checking the rear-view and side mirrors. This means you’ll be better equipped to anticipate the movements and actions of other cars on the road. The Varilux Road Pilot lens not only enhances distance vision but also expands the intermediate vision zone, providing clearer vision to information like the speedometer. Additionally, these lenses feature Crizal Drive coating by Essilor, reducing reflections from oncoming and other sources of light by up to 90%. This addresses a common nighttime driving issue faced by many of our customers.

Essilor Crizal Drive

Crizal Drive coating is best known for optimising visual clarity, especially when driving at night. All crizal coated lenses minimise the levels of reflections, increase protection from scratches, smudges, dust and water, as well as protecting your eyes from UV and filtering out harmful Blue-Violet light. Daytime and nighttime eye sensitivity varies. At night, intense light sources cause glare, affecting rod cells and visual awareness. Crizal Drive reduces nighttime reflections by up to 90% at 507nm, where sensitivity is highest. This decreases glare, enhancing visual comfort for safer driving.

Interested in Night Time Lenses?

If you are interested in the Essilor Varilux Road Pilot lenses or Essilor Crizal Drive, then please get in touch and we can help you. You could then keep them in the car for all night time driving, giving your eyes the welcome comfort they need. They don’t just have to be used just when driving either, even if you are a passenger or out and about in the dark, these lenses will significantly improve your vision, keeping you safer.

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