Prada at Focus Medical Eye Centre

We recently took on the latest range of Prada prescription glasses. Prada is one of the world’s largest and most successful designer brands. Hence, we are excited and proud to introduce Prada prescription specs at Focus Medical Eye Centre.

Prada at Focus Medical Eye Centre

All About Prada?

Prada is one of the few household names known in and outside of the fashion sphere. However, if you’re yet to discover this mammoth brand, or are simply looking to grow your knowledge, then please read on.

Prada was founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martin. The brand quickly grew and became a world-renowned luxury Italian fashion house. Today, Prada is undoubtedly one of the most iconic designer brands available. Consequently, they have also become one of the most instantly recognisable brands available. Their design is synonymous with classy, sharp yet conventional products.

Prada Prescription Glasses

Prada has shown the same amount of attention to detail in the design of their prescription glasses as they do all the items they produce. Crafted with precision, every frame in this latest range has a unique style about them.  Moreover, Prada design their glasses with a modern vision of high fashion. With assistance from their bold styling, contemporary shapes and classic colours Prada has become an instantly recognisable brand.

Prada at Focus Medical Eye Centre

Why We’ve Introduced Prada at Focus Medical Eye Centre

It goes without saying how huge of a brand Prada is. We feel honoured to be able to stock their great range. Prada frames are exceptionally stylish and expertly crafted. This ensures the frames you are given are durable and feel like the luxury item they are.

Looking For New Specs?

Interested in viewing our full range of Prada spectacles? Then please feel free to visit us in-store! We have an impressive, varied collection of Prada at Focus Medical Eye Centre. We’re more than willing to walk you through everything we offer. This way you can leave with a pair of Prada glasses that make you look and feel great.

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