Minishades – Polarised Sunglasses for Children

Here at Focus Medical Eye Centre, we understand how important it is to look after your little ones whilst out in the sunshine this summer. As parents and carers, we are particularly good at applying sun cream. However, one thing we are not prepared for or even had a solution for was protecting their eyes!

The World Health Organization suggests that 80% of your lifetime UV exposure occurs between birth and 18. So it’s especially important for children to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the short and long-term damage of UV light.

Minishades are 100% UV polarized sunglasses for children compliant with British Standards offering complete UV protection to your child’s eyes. Meaning that they are more than fit for duty protecting your little ones on the front line.

minishades 1                                                                       minishades 2

We all know how stylish we like to feel when we wear glasses. So why should children not feel the same? The Minishades we offer come in a range of different colours. Luckily for everyone, they are made from a virtually indestructible rubber material, BPA-free and super comfortable. This means they’re perfect for even the most extreme play and will last as long as they fit!

No matter how old your little one is we have a perfect fit size for them. Minishades come in 3 sizes; 0-3 years, 3-7 years and 8-12 years.

These sunglasses also have a special hide-and-seek  loss warranty. This means you’re ready for the worst-case scenario. After purchasing and registering online if they are damaged or lost you are able to claim a free replacement on 1 pair. All claims have a processing and shipping fee of £4.99 which is payable at the time of the claim.


For more information please contact Focus Medical Eye Centre on 01424 442062, fill in a contact form here or pop into the practice to purchase your pair.

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