How To Protect Your Eyes This Winter

This week marks the official start of winter. For many of us, winter is a challenging couple of months, especially if you already suffer from dry eyes. The cold and dry air can take a serious toll on our eyes. Thankfully, there are several tried and tested methods you can employ to protect your eyes this winter.

How to protect your eyes this winter

Having healthy eyes is such an important aspect of life. During the warmer months having healthy eyes is something many people take for granted. Here are a few tips for keeping your eyes healthy this winter:

Remain hydrated all year round

Being hydrated is one of the simplest yet most effective to control your dry eyes. Just because you’re not out and about getting all sweaty as you do in summer doesn’t mean you cannot become dehydrated.

Dehydration, among other things, can lead to uncomfortable and dry eyes. If your body is well hydrated then your eyes are going to hopefully produce an adequate amount of tears to maintain lubrication. There are additional benefits to drinking lots of water such as reducing eye strain. Typically, when you’re dehydrated your eyes being to feel tired and strained, especially with the darker days coming into effect on your body’s circadian cycle. You can reduce these fatigue symptoms by simply drinking more water.

Contact lens wearers as well as some of our more senior customers often comment their eyes feel drier and this is quite normal. Dry atmospheres can cause a reaction, but damp conditions can as well. Lubricating eye drops are perfect to keep them feeling comfortable as well as lubricated.

Lubricating eye drops

Lubricating drops are a type of over-the-counter medication that provides relief to dry irritated eyes. The cold wind and air cause irritation and for your eyes to dry out. This often leads to you rubbing your eyes a bit more, which may cause long lasting damage. It’s common for optometrists to recommend lubrication drops as the first call of action. For many people, these drops are used on a regular basis, particularly around this time of year. At Focus Medical Eye Centre, we stock different types of drops that we recommend to our customers.

How to protect your eyes this winter

Protect your eyes this winter

One of the best things you can do to protect your eyes is to think about the environment you’re in. If possible, you should try to make your environment as warm and dry as you can. If you have a need to go outside then a pair of sunglasses or glasses with UV protection will protect you from some of the elements.

One item that would be great to put on your Christmas list if you suffer from dry eyes around this time of year would be a humidifier. Humidifiers are devices that release steam or water vapour into the air increasing the humidity within your rooms. This may reduce the symptoms of irritation you are experiencing.

Visit a professional

If you find yourself having persistent dry eyes or any other symptoms around this time of year, then it’s important you get in touch with a professional. By booking in with your local optometrist you can arrange for an evaluation of your eyes and vision to be carried out. This can help to diagnose any underlying conditions and bring light to some potential treatment options. Here at Focus Medical Eye Centre, we are always willing to offer guidance where possible. Whether it is for a new pair of spectacles, sunglasses, lenses or just some drops to calm and lubricate your eyes. Please call us today on 0800 980 34 64 or email us at

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