How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask

Saying our day to day lives have changed in the last 5 months is a little bit of an understatement, to say the least! We have all had to adapt to a new reality and way of being. There is little sign of Covid going away any time soon. As an eye care provider, one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter is, ‘How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask?’ Is there anything I can do?

The short answer is, yes there is!

How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask

Top Tips – Masks

The main reason spectacles steam up when wearing a mask is that your breath is directed upwards towards your spectacle lenses.

  • First tip to help reduce this is to have a tight seal between the mask and your skin. Some masks have a metal wire running through them. You need to pinch the wire almost together at the centre which creates a tighter seal around your nose.
  • Secondly push the mask flatter with your fingers pushing down on your checks. Once again forming a better seal.
  • Finally pull the mask under your chin. Then push down either side of your mouth flattening the mask to form a better seal.

Top tips – Lenses

As an Essilor lens specialist practice we have access to the very best in lens technology. Essilor’s answer to the steaming up problem is a lens system called Optifog®.

Optifog® is a smart and unique anti-fog system, combining two elements.  A lens with anti-fog top layers and a smart cloth with anti-fog molecules.
Optifog®  is both a fog-free and clear lens at the same time. Besides repelling fog, it offers protection against reflections, scratches and UV rays. The Optifog Smart Textile cloth has the power to ACTIVATE the top layers of the Optifog lens. It also prevents droplets that would usually inhibit vision spread uniformly across the lens. All in an invisible and fog-free layer.

Highly technological yet very easy to use, the Optifog Smart Textile cloth is designed for daily use. It will provide maximum anti-fog performance with Optifog lenses, while simplifying users’ daily lives.

Please note that the Smart Textile cloth is recommended for daily use. It should not be washed and should be changed every three months. The Crizal lens coating system also repels larger water molecules such as rain. Whereas Optifog® works better for fine water molecules such as from breathing.

Hopefully we have helped with answering the newest question around! “How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask”. Please contact the practice if you would like any more information about these products.



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