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Hearing TestGetting regular hearing tests as you get older is just as important as getting eye tests. That’s why at Focus Medical Eye Centre, we are very pleased to be able to offer full hearing services from our opticians in Hailsham.

Just like our eyes, hearing can deteriorate over time. You might begin to find it more and more difficult to hear people speaking, especially if they aren’t facing you full on. Particularly at the moment with plenty of people wearing masks, it has become increasingly difficult to hear properly. It is amazing how much we can understand when looking at people’s faces, so whilst masks are still in use, for the slightly impaired of hearing amongst us, this is certainly more of a challenge!

Hearing Tests Available in Hailsham

Our associate Peter Worthington of Worthington Hearing is a fully qualified Audiologist. He has over 20 years of experience in hearing care and is able to provide a full range of services from our opticians. He comes into our practice on a Wednesday.

One of the services Peter is available to provide is a full hearing health check. With this checkup, he will be able to assess your hearing loss. He is also able to provide the very best advice on tinnitus, wax removal, hearing protection and also the provision of hearing aids. There are also a number of ongoing aftercare options available. All of these aftercare services will ensure there is a smooth adoption of any new hearing products.

All hearing aids sold come with a minimum 2-year guarantee and are digital and programmable. The hearing aids that we can provide offer high-quality amplification and excellent sound processing.

Looking to Book a Hearing Test?

If you’d like to book a hearing test appointment with Mr Worthington; he is available on Wednesdays at Focus Medical Eye Centre. His initial consultation is free of charge. At this consultation he can conduct a thorough hearing assessment and make recommendations based on the results.

If you’d like to find out more about the hearing services we can offer at Focus Medical Eye Centre, visit our hearing services page. Alternatively, you can also visit the Worthington Hearing website. To book an appointment call us today on 01323 442 062.


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