Essilor Varilux Road Pilot

Essilor’s Varilux Road Pilot is one of the most sophisticated spectacle lenses currently available. They come as a single vision lens or varifocal and have been designed specifically for use when driving.

Thanks to a wider peripheral vision, wearers experience natural eye movements when checking the rear-view and side mirrors. Meaning they should be able to better anticipate lateral movements and action of other cars.

As well as distance vision, the intermediate vision zone of a Varilux Road Pilot lens is enlarged. This offers direct, natural access to all critical information. Including the speedometer, audio system, navigation system and more.

One of the most important benefits of the Varilux Road Pilot is that it also has the all new Crizal Drive coating by Essilor. With these lenses, drivers will experience up to 90% less reflections from on-coming light and other light sources when driving. Which so many of our customers have trouble with, when driving at night.

The lenses deliver an extremely high resolution, with wide fields of vision over the entire lens. With these lenses, you will be able to see the road and any hazards clearly. Essilor Road Pilot lenses even enhance your contrast to improve your ability to react to changes on the road.

The Eye Protect System also protects eyes by absorbing UV and selected blue-violet light into the material of the lens. They also have a two year scratch free guarantee.

Interested in Night Time Lenses?

If you are interested in the Essilor Varilux Road Pilot lenses, then please get in touch and we can help you. You could then keep them in the car for all night time driving. They are obviously great when you are a passenger as well, but will make your vision much easier, not having the glare associated with streetlights, car lights and anything else on the road.

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