Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lenses

What is an Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lens?

Essilor are the number one spectacle lens brand recommended by opticians worldwide. They have a visual solution for all lifestyles and are a well-respected manufacturer. The Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lenses look the same as a single vision lens but consist of a constellation of 1021 invisible lenslets. These then create a volume of signal into the eye in front of the child’s retina, acting as a brake on the lengthening of the eye, slowing down myopia progression. The Stellest lenses have been scientifically tested and are proven to reduce the development of Myopia in children aged 5-14.

Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lenses


Evidence from a study carried out over two years in China found that myopic children, who wore the Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lens for two years, had a prescription progression which was 67% less than the prescription progression of myopic children who wore Essilor distance Lenses, when worn for at least 12 hours per day.

The development and progression of myopia occurs with an excessive axial length of the eye. There was a 60% halt in the growth of the Axial lengths in children wearing the Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lens in comparison to the Essilor Stellest Distance Lenses.

A study of myopic children’s parents revealed 99% were concerned about their child’s myopia and 98% believed Stellest would help. After the study, a total of 97% believed in the longevity of Stellest as an effective method of slowing the development of myopia.


The Myopia Control Lens takes advantage of Essilor’s AIRWEAR 1.59 material. This has been engineered to have both lightness and strength and is shock and scratch resistant with it’s CRIZAL KIDS coating. AIRWEAR lenses provide protection against UVA and UVB rays, so are perfect for outdoor activities which are recommended for short-sighted children.

Owning Essilor Stellest Myopia Control Lens

Essilor’s studies show that Stellest lenses correct myopia and slow it down and two out of three children wearing Stellest lenses did not need a prescription change after one year!  Focus Medical Eye Centre will be able to provide you with more information about Stellest lenses and if they’re suitable for your child.

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