Essilor Polarised Transition Lenses

The Essilor Polarised Transition Lenses are the latest addition to the Essilor range of lenses. They are fantastic for patients wanting automatic sun protection and glare reduction. Transitions™ XTRactive® Polarized™ lenses combine an exclusive multi-layer matrix with new Transitions™ XTRactive® broad-spectrum dyes. This innovative lens has allowed for more darkness and new ultra-fast dichroic dyes for polarisation.

Essilor Polarised Transition Lenses

What are Photochromic lenses by Transitions?

Photochromic lenses give constant protection against harmful UV light. This allows for light to be tolerable and safer for those who are extremely sensitive.

Overexposure to sunlight has been linked to several eye conditions. By offering the right sun protection to you, we can help reduce the risk of you developing these conditions in later life.

Transitions are one of the most popular brands of photochromic lenses here in the UK. With 4 different types to choose from, Transitions photochromic lenses have something to suit every lifestyle and vision need. From the Transitions Signature range offering the latest technology in photochromic lenses to the  Transitions XTRActive lenses that will darken behind a car windshield. You will definitely find the right collection of sun protection lenses for your needs.

What the Research Says

The latest research in eye health continues to reinforce the importance of light protection and the impact of light on our vision. It shows that 9/10 people are light-sensitive and a huge 3/10 are very light-sensitive. To combat this, Essilor has introduced a new Transitional Lens. To meet the need for extra light protection, their new lenses are chockablock with all the new cutting-edge technologies.

Essilor Polarised Transition Lenses

Why You Should Be Excited!

These lenses are excellent at reducing the amount of glare. These new lenses help improve your visibility by up to 33%, compared to non-polarised sun lenses. This anti-glare technology protects your eyes and will also greatly improve your quality of life. If you have become used to the way you see the world, you might not be fully able to understand what it is you’re missing out on. A visibility increase of 33% is huge; truly a life-changing difference.

On top of this, a quantitative study evaluating the visual benefits of the polarisation properties of lenses carried out by Prof. Nicholas Roberts found that the lenses also alter the colours we see. The properties of Transitions™ XTRactive® Polarised™ lenses actually make the world 30% more colourful, due to the unique polarisation technology. This technology reduces glare outdoors, providing a better visual experience with sharper vision, a larger field of view and bright vivid colours.

Looking for Essilor Polarised Transition Lenses

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