Essilor Crizal Drive

Now everyone can benefit from clarity of vision with Crizal Drive lens enhancement. Focus Medical Eye Centre offer this product for your Essilor lenses.

The main benefit of a Crizal Drive coating is optimising visual clarity. Particularly when driving at night along with all the other benefits of any Crizal coated lens. All crizal coated lenses minimise the levels of reflections, offer increased protection from scratches, smudges, dust and water. They will also protect your eyes from UV and can even filter out harmful Blue-Violet light.

Our eyes do not adapt well to night vision.  Rod cells are the only photoreceptors in the retina to react to low lighting. This is what we call mesopic or night vision. Eye sensitivity is different in the day time than at night. At night, we are exposed to multiple and intense sources of light that create reflections and glare. These reflections and glare disturb rod cells, creating discomfort and lower visual acuity. Crizal Drive offers up to 90% less reflection at night, at 507nm where eye sensitivity is the highest, compared to a lens with a hard coat.

Thanks to this adaptation to lightwaves you will also experience a decreased sensation of glare enhancing their visual comfort for safer driving.

Interested in Crizal Drive Lens Enhancement?

If you are interested in the Essilor Crizal Drive Lens Enhancement, then please get in touch and we can help you. Your lenses are also optimised to be resistant to scratches and repellent to water droplets, smudges and dust. Designed to ensure your lenses stay clear so you can see everything around you when you’re driving or riding. Crizal Drive offers an E-SPF rating of 25 so your eyes are protected from UV light when you’re out of the car, walking or on a bike. It makes an ideal lens coating for Essilor Road Pilot lenses.

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