Prioritising Your Eye Care

Here at Focus Medical Eye Centre we have built a reputation in offering the very best eye examinations possible. Using the latest technology, carried out by our resident specialists in an unrushed environment.

We believe in offering all our patients the very best level of care possible whenever it is needed and as such have made a change in how we deliver eye care.

We will now be offering all our patients an extended eye examination lasting 45 minutes and include all diagnostic scans as standard. This means Optomap wide field retinal imaging and OCT ( advanced Macula and Glaucoma screening ) will be included. Which will allow us to assess the health of your eyes as thoroughly as possible.

As of September 2021 we will no longer be offering a basic NHS sight test as this only covers 10 minutes of our time. It does not include any diagnostic scans, which does not allow us to work to the standard we want to. Under current NHS rules we are not permitted to see you as often as we would like, which also limits our ability to look after your eyes to the standard we want to.

We have now introduced our innovative Advanced Clinical Eye Care Plan which covers all your eye care for a small monthly fee of just £7.00 *

Full benefits of the care plan are as follows:

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

  • 45 minute unrushed eye examination carried out by resident specialists using the latest technology.
  • All scans with interpretation covered within the scheme whenever clinically necessary. This includes Optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging and 3D OCT scans.
  • As many eye examinations as clinically needed without the 2 year NHS restrictions.
  • Standard Contact lens appointments covered (excludes specialist fitting and aftercare).
  • 1 child covered by 1 plan. All children in one family covered by 2 plans.

Access To Emergency Appointments & Prescribing

  • Unlimited emergency appointments, scans and eye care as needed.
  • Private prescribing of eye medication by our IP specialist Practitioners.

 Cost Savings On Spectacles

  • Affordable eye wear with 10% total price for plan members.
  • 50% off total price on second pair purchases.
  • Children will have basic single vision lenses covered if a parent is on a plan.

Repairs And Servicing Of Spectacles

  • Free in house repairs to spectacles and extended warranty on frames and lenses.
  • Basic single vision lenses are covered under a repair warranty once every 12 months for children.

* 12 month minimum contract applies.

We will of course also offer a Pay As You Go Option if this works better for you. A 45 minute eye examination including Optomap and OCT with our in house specialists is £85.00 and a shorter eye examination for under 21’s with Optomap is available for £45.00

Information about our Advanced Clinical Care plan can be found at our website

Using The New Slit Lamp

Beware of Cheap Sunglasses!

As we’ve seen a little bit more of the sun over the last few weeks, you might be thinking about picking up a new pair of sunglasses. There are plenty of different brands to choose from and many retailers will stock sunglasses. But when it comes to buying a new pair, you should always beware of cheap brands!

Although sunglasses are primarily worn to help you see better and shade your eyes from the sun, they actually play a vital role in protecting your eyes from UV radiation. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause significant eye problems, such as cataracts, macula degeneration, pterygia, and pingueculae.

cheap sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from UV Radiation

When you’re out enjoying the sunshine, you’re always being exposed to solar radiation. This is particularly harmful to the eyes, so wearing a good pair of sunglasses will help block 100% of the suns UV radiation. Interestingly, your eyes still need protection when it’s cloudy, because the sun’s damaging UV rays can penetrate cloud cover. And many of our contact lens wearers say they need sunglasses a lot of the time.

But not all sunglasses block 100% of UV rays. Particularly cheap pairs of sunglasses as they don’t give protection from harmful radiation from the sun. That’s why you should always check that the sunglasses you are buying have a UV rating of at least 400; which then blocks up to 100% of the sun’s radiation.

At Focus Medical Eye Centre, all of our prescription sunglasses will protect your eyes from 100% of the UV rays on sunny days. We are stockists of Maui Jim sunglasses, which have the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation; a well-known symbol of safe and effective sun protection. We also sell Ray-Bans and Cocoa Mint sunglasses which are also of the highest quality.

Designer Sunglasses Prescription in Hailsham

Looking for New Sunglasses this Summer?

If you’re looking for new sunglasses this summer, come and visit us at Focus Medical Eye Centre. If you’re not sure what pair of sunglasses you’re looking for, then we can help. It’s not just designer brands like Maui Jim and Ray-Ban we stock – there are so many more to choose from! And most of the branded and designer sunglasses can also have prescription lenses retro-fitted. So if you are a spectacle wearer, then we still have you covered!

If you’re in Hailsham, Horam, Heathfield, Polegate, or Herstmonceux, plus anywhere in the surrounding areas, then please get in touch. We would love to see you and help you choose your new pair of sunglasses. Please give us a call to check if you need to book an appointment to come and see us. We’re also available by phone or email if you have any questions about any of the sunglasses lines we stock.

New Precision1 Daily Contact Lenses by Alcon

At Focus Medical Eye Centre we are very excited about these new Precision1 Daily Contact Lenses by Alcon!

Obviously over the years, there have been many contact lens launches. But these are actually slightly different. This brand new contact lens from Alcon has been designed for ambitious, goal orientated, all day active patients who want precise vision. With great handling of a contact lens and comfort that really does last all day. It is a contact lens designed with smart technology, to start in and stay in!

They are also available as both a spherical and a toric lens which is great and will appeal to a wider range of our customers.

New Patient Support Programme

Alcon are also introducing a unique patient support programme, powered by Augmented Reality. Designed to help people who:

  • Have not worn contact lenses before
  • Are trying Precision1 for the first time
  • Already have contact lenses but they are not meeting your needs

New Precision1 Daily Contact Lenses by Alcon

Get in touch

If you would like to try the New Precision1 Daily Contact Lenses by Alcon, then please get in touch! Please call us on 01323 442062 or download our Mysight booking app.


Eco Conscious Frames

We are very excited to introduce the new Eco Conscious frames from Eyespace. With biodegradable demo lenses and no plastic packaging, they are the ultimate, environmentally friendly frame of choice.

This fashionable, bold and naturally colourful collection of bio-based acetate frames are not to be missed. They are especially ideal spectacles for this time of year as well! The colours are mostly all soft muted shades of autumn which are just lovely; except for a few that are vibrant and quite stunning!

One aspect of Eco Conscious is that they are partnered with the “one tree planted” charity, helping to fight deforestation and protect our planet against climate change. This is an amazing charity that is doing some incredible work.


Here are some of the images we have taken of the frames we have in stock. They are all such pretty colours – please click on them to enlarge each image:

Interested in Eco Conscious Frames?

If you would like to try any of the Eco Conscious frames from Eyespace then please give us a call on 01323 442 062 or even pop onto our Booking App to get a date organised. We can’t wait to show you all the frames we have in our eye centre. Stunning styles, very versatile and extremely comfortable.

New Maui Jim Frames

Maui Jim have perfected their sunglasses over the last 35 years, originating on the beaches of Hawaii. They are now available worldwide, boasting the best UV protection, whilst minimising glare as well as enhancing colour.

New Maui Jim Frames

They are now excited to be launching a brand new collection of frames. Sophisticated in their engineering and elegant in styling; they are the perfect balance of art and science. The collection includes bold shapes and fine detail all inspired by the natural beauty and heritage of Hawaii.

Acetate Collection

Their Acetate collection is comprised of many colours and timeless frames.

Rimless Collection

The Rimless selection are the epitome of simple sophistication. These timeless, elegant frames are made from ultra-lightweight beta titanium, and are available in 10 lens shapes, 11 colors and 3 temple lengths. 4 hinge-less styles available in 4 colours round out this collection.

Metals Collection

Here we have two slightly different collections – Metals and Specialty Metals. The Metals Collection are extremely lightweight, with stunning shades of stainless steel flat metal. This collection includes both semi-rimless and fully rimmed frames. Whilst offering optimum comfort yet catering for high prescriptions. Maui Jim’s Specialty Metals Collection feature beta titanium, titanium, memory metals and stainless steel. They are structurally and stylistically designed with the latest fashion trends in mind.

Nylon Collection

The Maui Jim Nylon styles are extremely lightweight and flexible.

Clip On Collection

This Clip On Collection from Maui Jim was created to minimize the need to switch between ophthalmic frames and sunglasses. With the sun protection, glare reduction and colour enhancing benefits of PolarizedPlus2 lenses, these styles will enable patients to easily transition between indoor and outdoor activities. Historically clip on frames have never been overly good – however these are fabulous!

Both Supra and full frames are available in stunning shades of stainless steel, flat metal, crafted with sophistication and elegance.

Get in touch

If you would like to try any of the Maui Jim frames from these new collections then please give us a call on 01323 442 062 or even pop onto our Booking App to get a date organised. We can’t wait to show you all the New Maui Jim Frames we have. Stunning styles, very versatile and extremely comfortable.

How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask

Saying our day to day lives have changed in the last 5 months is a little bit of an understatement to say the least! We have all had to adapt to a new reality and way of being. There is little sign of Covid going away any time soon. As an eye care provider, one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter is, ‘How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask?’ Is there anything I can do?

The short answer is, yes there is!

How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask

Top Tips – Masks

The main reason spectacles steam up when wearing a mask is that your breath is directed upwards towards your spectacle lenses.

  • First tip to help reduce this is to have a tight seal between the mask and your skin. Some masks have a metal wire running through them. You need to pinch the wire almost together at the centre which creates a tighter seal around your nose.
  • Secondly push the mask flatter with your fingers pushing down on your checks. Once again forming a better seal.
  • Finally pull the mask under your chin. Then push down either side of your mouth flattening the mask to form a better seal.

Top tips – Lenses

As an Essilor lens specialist practice we have access to the very best in lens technology. Essilor’s answer to the steaming up problem is a lens system called Optifog®.

Optifog® is a smart and unique anti-fog system, combining two elements.  A lens with anti-fog top layers and a smart cloth with anti-fog molecules.
Optifog®  is both a fog-free and clear lens at the same time. Besides repelling fog, it offers protection against reflections, scratches and UV rays. The Optifog Smart Textile cloth has the power to ACTIVATE the top layers of the Optifog lens. It also prevents droplets that would usually inhibit vision spread uniformly across the lens. All in an invisible and fog-free layer.

Highly technological yet very easy to use, the Optifog Smart Textile cloth is designed for daily use. It will provide maximum anti-fog performance with Optifog lenses, while simplifying users’ daily lives.

Please note that the Smart Textile cloth is recommended for daily use. It should not be washed and should be changed every three months. The Crizal lens coating system also repels larger water molecules such as rain. Whereas Optifog® works better for fine water molecules such as from breathing.

Hopefully we have helped with answering the newest question around! “How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up Wearing A Mask”. Please contact the practice if you would like any more information about these products.



Sea To See Frames…..Sea-Born Eyewear!

Stylish eyewear made 100% with recycled ocean plastic waste.

It is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in our seas by the year 2050! Which is why we want to do as much as we can to help this amazing company. Plus, there is the added bonus that we love the Sea To See Frames that have been designed!

Sea to see is the first eyewear brand to have it’s raw material certified by the Cradle to Cradle products program. The World’s most advanced, science based standard for designing and making products for the circular economy.  Praised for positivity for people and planet!

Sea to See saw the potential of marine recycling and set about collecting 1000kgs of fishnets, ropes, lines and bottles. Collected daily from 27 Spanish ports and off the coast of Ghana. Then in 8 steps transformed waste into highly resistant eyewear.

The upcycled raw plastic is sorted, dried, heated, moulded and individually hand painted. To create unique, stylish frames which flex, to eliminate pressure points and provide 100% UV protection from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Sea to See are also committed to providing free eyewear to the fishing community who help them clean the Ocean, making a difference together, wearing their eyewear with pride!


We love the whole ethos of this company! As well as using recycled products, they have such amazing ideas and philosophies. Have a read here.

If you would like to find out more about our Sea to See frames, then please get in touch with us at Focus Medical Eye Centre in Hailsham. Call now on 01323 442062 to book your appointment.

Sea To See Frames

How To Help Your Eyesight While Driving At Night

Do you feel confident and comfortable with your sight when you drive?

As eye care specialists one of the most frequently asked questions we come across is ‘How can I make my driving vision more comfortable and improve glare especially when driving at night?’.

Glare refers to the debilitating dazzle and unwanted reflections that a large proportion of us experience and suffer when we drive, especially at night. Glare can come from all directions and different sources. Including flat surfaces, headlights, traffic lights, street lamps and the sun. Bright sunlight causes visual discomfort and blinding glare caused by reflected sunlight in some cases can even be dangerous.

Good eyesight is fundamental when it comes to preparing your journey and travelling on the road. With the right driving lens solution you can turn the driving experience from an inconvenience into a real pleasure. No matter what the weather or the time of day.

What makes up the best driving lens solution?

This can be broken down into 3 areas; the correcting lens design, the corrective lens technology and the lens enhancement.

Each part of the lens is vital when you’re on the road. Whether it is correcting an eye condition so you can see clearly, protecting your vision from glare or enhancing your clarity when you’re on and off the road. A lens built for driving will help you no matter what vehicle you have.

Correcting Lens Design

Ensure your prescription is up to date to give you the clearest vision possible. Corrective spectacles may be required in order to meet the legal driving requirements. Your Optometrist will advise you on this. The following lens designs offer the best driving visual solutions:

For wearers under 40 

If you suffer from long-sightedness (hypermetropia), short-sightedness (myopia) and/or astigmatism you might have to correct your vision with glasses to meet legal driving requirements. Even if you don’t need your glasses for driving, it’s recommended to still wear your distance vision glasses to ensure you have optimum vision whenever you’re on the road.

Solution = Essilor Road Pilot

Delivers high resolution and wide fields of vision over the entire lens. So you can see the road and any hazards clearly. Essilor Road Pilot lenses even enhance the contrast to improve your ability to react to changes on the road.

For wearers over 40+

Presbyopia is a natural part of ageing. This is where your near vision starts to weaken due to the lens within your eye losing flexibility. Symptoms usually start to occur from your early 40s.

Even if you’ve had perfect eyesight before, you may find that you need to hold your phone a little further away. If left uncorrected you could be on the road with less sharpness than what’s necessary in order to remain safe – for you and others.

Solution = Varilux Road Pilot

Optimised for all vehicles, Varilux Road Pilot lenses deliver wide fields of vision. Giving you a clear peripheral vision, which is perfect for driving.

Corrective Lens Technology

For Strong Sunlight and Glare

Whether you’re driving to the coast for a holiday, spending the sunny days visiting friends and family or just driving to and from work, you spend a lot of time on the road and will most likely face bright sunlight. Bright sunlight can cause visual discomfort. Blinding glare caused by reflected sunlight in some cases can even be dangerous. Glare is caused by light reflecting off flat surfaces, such as roads, bodies of water, ice or snow. The light becomes concentrated horizontally, which can be very uncomfortable for your eyes.

Solution = Xperio Polarised  (Daytime Driving)

Polarised lenses are specifically designed to eliminate bright and unwanted reflections. The unique filter in polarised lenses block out the intense glare that follows. Allowing only vertical light to enter your eye. Wearing polarised lenses for driving can enhance your visual comfort and make it safer for driving. Xperio Polarised lenses offer enhanced colour perception compared to tinted lenses. Making it easier to see in bright light conditions. They also offer the highest level of UV protection within the Essilor range. This is incredibly important when maintaining healthy eyes and vision.

Essilor Xperio Polarised Lenses

For Artificial Lights and Glare

Lights at night can create reflections and glare on our spectacles. They can come from all directions and different sources (headlights, traffic lights, street lamps). Turning the driving experience into an convenience more than a real pleasure.

Solution = Crizal Drive (Daytime and Night-time Driving)

Lenses can create reflections; however a lens coating will enhance their performance. Crizal Drive has been specifically designed to aid with driving during the day and throughout the night. It reduces the number of reflections, up to 90% less reflections when driving at night. Resulting in comfortable vision and improved visual acuity.

For Changing Light Conditions

When you’re on the road and your journey involves you driving through the evening into dusk you’ll experience a change in external lighting conditions. Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to pull over and change from sunglasses to clear lenses. Sunglasses are the ideal solution for bright sunny conditions but for those times when the weather changes, you can find yourself trying to swap between your glasses every time the sun goes behind the clouds.

Solution = Transitions XTRActive  (Daytime and Night-time Driving)

Light intelligent lenses will adapt to changing light conditions, tinting when UV is present and clear when the sun isn’t out. Modern windscreens of vehicles block UV light meaning that standard photochromic lenses will not adapt even in the brightest conditions. Transitions XTRActive technology will adapt to visible light as well as UV. Making it an ideal component for your lenses for driving. By adapting to visible light, your glasses can tint to the required amount to combat glare, but will be almost clear when the sun has set, meaning you don’t have to change your glasses.

Transitions XTRActive Lenses

Lens Enhancement

For enhanced Night Vision

With a lack of light sources when driving on certain roads at night, your vision can be impacted negatively. This is due to the fact that vision with low light is mostly produced by rod cells. Instead of cone cells which are responsible for peripheral vision, colour vision and depth perception. Which are very important when it comes to driving.

Solution = Crizal Drive (For Daytime and Night-time Driving)

When driving at night it’s important to get as much visible light through your lenses so that you can see clearly and distinguish colours and shapes. Make sure you wear lenses that reduce reflections and glare so that majority of the essential light reaches your eyes.


Using The New Slit Lamp

At Focus Medical Eye Centre we are always looking for new and innovative ways to treat our patients and customers. Here we show Amanda, at work using the new slit lamp we have just invested in.

The slit lamp is a Hanson CSO digital slit lamp that is used to assess each patient’s eyes. It can be extremely useful as it takes pictures and videos of a patient’s eyes so that we can show as well as explain certain eye conditions. We are investing in the latest technology to offer the very best in eye care.

If you are looking for an optometrists and live within a radius of Hailsham, in East Sussex then please get in touch. Just give us a call on 01323 442062. We have highly experienced opticians, optometrists as well as Shahram Kashani, our ophthalmologist and also Peter Worthington our hearing specialist.

Essilor Transitions Lenses

Over the years transition lenses have become dated and old fashioned. But not any more! Essilor have introduced a fabulous new range of glasses that transition much more effectively. Focus Medical Eye Centre are stockists of Essilor Transitions Lenses and this useful style of spectacles are now growing in popularity once more.

Transitions Light intelligent lenses from Essilor automatically adapt to changing light conditions. Which will give you optimal visual comfort and style.

Additionally they help protect against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light indoors and outdoors. Whether you want conventional everyday lenses, driving specific lenses or a stylish fashion pair of lenses, there is a modern style for everyone.

Mirrored Transitions

There are 4 different mirrored colours in this range. When activated they are mirrored sunglasses, with just a light tint when unactivated. They reduce glare and protect your eyes from UVA, UVB and blue-violet light. Plus they look amazing!

Transitions Xtractive

These are ideal if your eyes are really sensitive. A stylish pair of glasses that will go extra dark when activated, even in the car. They enhance colour perception, yet have a subtle indoor tint that removes harshness of some indoor lighting. Again, they reduce glare and protect your eyes from UVA, UVB and blue-violet light.

Transitions Signature

This range is perfect if you are in and out of light all the time. They seemlessly transition from clear comfortable lenses to dark lenses with Essilor’s fast responsive technology. As with all Essilor Transitions, they reduce glare and protect your eyes from UVA, UVB and blue-violet light.

If Essilor Transitions Lenses are a design, style and quality of lens that you are interested in, then come into Focus Medical Eye Centre and please enquire. This incredible range of spectacles/sunglasses are a brilliant alternative to having two pairs of glasses, plus they look absolutely great!

Get 50% OFF Lenses

On second pair purchases, click here for more information