Back to School Soon?

With September fast approaching, making sure your kids eyesight is as good as it can be before the next school year starts is vital.

  • Have they been struggling over the summer months to watch the TV?
  • Have you noticed them squinting at all to try and focus on what they are watching?
  • Have they been at all clumsy for no reason?
  • Were they having difficulties at school last term, either focussing or looking at the white board in class?
  • Have they been displaying unusual signs of behaviour?

Now is the best time to talk to your children and ask them some of these questions. An annual eye check for every child is the best idea and a change in eyesight can be the reason for any of the above points. Even before they can read and write, as long as they are old enough to answer questions and look at pictures, then we can see them at Focus Medical Eye Centre.

Back to school

If your child is displaying signs of being short sighted, then we are at the cutting edge of technology at Focus Medical Eye Centre, by having a quick and easy screening test for any child at risk of developing Myopia. Using a special scanner called the Myah we can plot the risk and treat accordingly.

We can also help with school vision assessments, which are so very important.

If you have any concerns at all with your child’s eyesight, then please get in touch as soon as possible and we will do our best to fit them in before they start back at school. The summer has flown by and parents are busy out buying new shoes, uniforms, school bags and other kit. But what about the eye health for your child?

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