Are Designer Glasses Worth It?

If you ask anyone who wears glasses the question ‘are designer glasses worth it’ the vast majority will give a similar sort of response. If you intend on keeping your glasses for an extended period then, of course, designer or luxury brands are a must-have. Cheaply made off-brand glasses simply won’t always last the test of time.

Over recent years, styles and trends in fashion have led to larger more clumsy looking frames being pushed out of the limelight. With more sleek and minimalist frames taking centre stage. Whatever your style is, however, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking to suit your aesthetic here at Focus Medical Eye Centre.

Why Are Designer Glasses Worth It?

The important thing to understand is that you’re not just paying a premium price for a brands name or logo to be printed onto the frame. The higher price tag ensures that there has been better craftsmanship in the design, higher quality materials used that have been constructed in a more superior way. You’ll find that these typically last longer and are more durable. Furthermore, you’ll often find that these brands come with a warranty – which is usually uncommon with cheaper brands.

Lindberg Designer Frames

How It Makes You Feel

Of course, we all want to look good. A beautiful new pair of Hugo Boss, Lindberg or Ray-Ban glasses can make a face more interesting, add depth as well as making you feel great whilst wearing them. This makes designer glasses worth it in itself. The confident feeling you get when your wear a new pair of designer glasses is priceless.

Putting It Into Perspective

If a pair of glasses cost you £500 and you can make them last only four years that equates to £125 a year. This is only just over £10 per month to look and see great. Obviously you do need to take into consideration if your prescription changes though!Glasses are most definitely a worthwhile investment – you most probably use them every waking hour of your life. When you compare this figure to other monthly expenses then you’ll quickly realise how much value you should be placing on your spectacles.

Hugo Boss Glasses, Henry Cavill

Form And Function

By their nature, designers focus not on just aesthetics, but also the engineering of these products. Many options are taken into consideration with quality designers including how they sit on the face, comfort around the ears for example. These highly engineered glasses are of noticeable better quality, particularly when they are worn for extended periods of time.

Here at Focus Medical Eye Centre, we help you every step of the way with choosing your next frames. We ensure that your glasses suit your face shape, lifestyle and are most importantly comfortable.

New Maui Jim Frames

Lens Quality

With the higher price tag comes better quality lenses from trusted names like Essilor. This means that you are always confident in the fact that you have the best technology; with the peace of mind of a warranty and excellent after-sales services.

Glasses and Designer Frames from Focus Medical Eye Centre

As an award-winning local optician based in Hailsham, East Sussex, we’ll make sure you get the right treatment for your eyes. This post may be asking whether designer glasses worth it and we definitely agree they are. However not everyone can afford these price tags so we have also carefully chosen other ranges of high quality frames that will also treat you well but won’t break the bank. We’ve got an extensive range of both classic and designer frames, so you’re sure to find a pair of specs that will suit you down to the ground.

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