8 Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses

At this time of year and certainly with it being far sunnier than we have been used to over recent months, sunglasses are definitely required! Not only do they look great and make you feel more like it’s summer; but also here are our top 8 Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses:

8 Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses

Health Reasons

There are many eye diseases and health complications that can occur over time. Skin cancer is an obvious one but there are also many others that can be affected without the use of eye protection:

  • Cataracts – with prolonged expoosure to the sun’s UV rays, this can worsen the symptoms of cataracts.
  • Glaucoma – UV rays can increase your risk of complications from glaucoma.
  • Macular Degeneration – certain types of UV radiation can speed up this process.
  • Pterygium – also known as Surfers Eye. Prevention is definitely better than the cure for this!

The Weather

The sun isn’t the only thing that can cause damage to the eyes. Wind, sand and snow can also cause damage! Being beside water is also another factor to take into consideration – the glare can make your eyes extremely uncomfortable.

To Promote Healing and Recovery

If you have just had eye surgery of any sort, whether for cataracts, laser surgery or even lens replacements, wear a good quality pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. They will protect them as well as keeping them far more comfortable; removing the chances of debris flying into them as well as decreasing the need to squint and removing the glare.

8 Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses

Headaches & Migraines

Wearing a good quality pair of sunglasses can certainly help with avoiding headaches and migraines. They will also help if you get one and need to remove the brightness from your line of vision!

Safer Driving

At certain times of the day, sunglasses could aid your driving. They remove glare from the roads as well as distracting reflections. Overall making your driving experience a safer and more enjoyable time.

Add your Prescription

And why not add your prescription into your sunglasses – then you don’t need to mess around swapping glasses! This is a great and really popular choice of many of our customers.


We can also help by helping you choose some transitions lenses for your choice of eyewear. Transitions by Essilor are great as they quickly “transition” from light to dark, to light again! An ideal choice…

8 Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses

Don’t they look great!

There is something about wearing a pair of sunglasses that just make you feel good. A good quality pair will look stylish, as well as giving you all the above benefits!

Many people do not realise we stock and sell sunglasses until they come into our practice. And then they see the amount of designer and top quality brands that we sell a lot of! From Ray-Bans, to Cocoa Mint to Maui Jim, as well as many other brands. And with most of these brands, we can also add in your prescription. Please just ask one of our members of staff when you come in, to show you the different types and styles of sunglasses we stock.

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