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Here at Focus Medical Eye Centre we like to go that extra mile for our patients. With our highly qualified team we are able to offer specialist clinics and services that are often only provided within hospital departments. We believe by offering choice to our patients they can access the very best care quickly, easily and most importantly when they want to.

We offer the following specialist clinics and services:


Low Vision

Our fully qualified team can conduct a thorough Low Vision Assessment be-spoking products and advice to individual needs. We carry a large selection of Low Vision Aids which can help with distance vision as well as near vision.  We can supply the latest technologies to help improve sight which cannot be found in many Hospital settings such as Eccentric fixating spectacle mounted telescopes. We also stock various Hand and Stand Magnifiers with and without internal illumination. Low Vision Assessment is useful for any individual with slightly reduced vision due to eye disease or trauma.

Note: We are able to offer OCT ( 3D scanning technology ) during the eye examination process which can detect and allow diagnosis of eye disease which helps form the management plan for individuals including Low Vision Aids.


Dry Eye Clinics


Contact Lenses

Apart from offering the mainstream contact lens service we are able to offer fitting for more complex lenses. Our qualified team are happy fitting soft contact lenses right through to rigid lenses for irregular shaped eyes and even lenses that alter the shape of the eye overnight allowing clear vision during the day lens free. Overnight lenses for visual correction is called Eye Dream and are perfect for individuals where daily contact lens wear is not practical. Studies have also shown this type of visual correction can also slow the rate of myopia for younger patients.


School Vision

A school vision assessment is designed to explore why a child is having difficulties at school. It specifically looks at reading difficulties and dyslexia allowing practitioners to dramatically alter learning outcomes for those affected. Muscle balance, eye dominancy, tracking, reading speed and colour preferences are all assessed as well as the need for spectacles to aid clear focus when reading. The benefits for children of school vision therapy are:

  • better school performance
  • increased reading speed
  • better at arithmetic
  • increased self-esteem / confidence
  • clearer writing
  • increased concentration
  • decreased tiredness & anxiety
  • reduction of headaches / migraines
  • calming effect (in children with hyperactivity)

Please contact the practice for further details.


Coloured Overlay Assessments

Visual stress (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome) causes children to see visual perceptual distortions when they read. Research indicates that this is related to the pattern of stripes that text forms on the page. Children report letters and words blurring, moving, sometimes doubling and they may see colours, shapes, and patterns on the page. Sufferers often experience eyestrain and headaches with reading and may rub their eyes or blink excessively. Children typically skip or omit words or lines and read slowly, although these observations could result from a reading difficulty rather than a visual problem. Visual stress can affect about 1 in 3 of children or adults with specific learning difficulties and is more common in dyslexia. In children, the symptoms of visual stress are greatly alleviated by using coloured filters and primarily in the form of coloured overlays (sheets of coloured plastic placed over text when reading). Focus Medical Eye Centre is able to offer full Coloured Overlay Assessments for individuals who may be suffering from Visual Stress. This may be best assessed as part of a full school Vision assessment.


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I am writing to thank you for the welcome and introduction to yourself and your business before testing my eyes.

It was a happy experience. I would like to wish you and Mrs Bahadur every possible success and happiness with your business.

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